Greg had been bug­ging me to read up on Tom Siddell’s Gun­nerkrigg Court for some time before I finally decided to sit down and dip into a chap­ter or two. Fel­lows, I am decid­edly better for having dipped and sub­se­quently immersed, though to what degree I am better for having done so I’m not going to tell you. A decided degree, at any rate.

A hand­ful of adjec­tives come to mind when trying to describe the series, and they are all prob­a­bly inac­cu­rate.2 I do remem­ber at one point think­ing, “I bet Neil Gaiman would get a kick out of this.” Soon after, I found out that such is indeed the case! So if you like the things that Neil Gaiman likes, all the better, but I still encour­age you read Siddell’s work3 regard­less of your feel­ings for Mr. Sand­man.4 Come on, mon­sters and robots—what’s not to like?

There is a Ver­i­ta­ble Cast of Char­ac­ters5, but I decided to draw only one of them. I am a fan of Kat the Buildy-​Scientist.


Get read­ing! And come back tomor­row, also. There will be a comic to read.

1 There are other web­comics I have been mean­ing to write about as well, but there are so many of them! You prob­a­bly already know this.

2 Having writ­ten down and sum­mar­ily deleted this hand­ful, I will say simply that it is “charm­ing”2.5—pretty much every­thing about it—and that you are seri­ously better off choos­ing a chap­ter that looks appeal­ing if you’re not ready to con­quer an Archive. I am per­son­ally a fan of this chap­ter because it fea­tures a ridicu­lous person.

2.5 Some people say say “charm­ing” with a bit of con­de­s­cen­tion, but I am not doing that! Please do not read it that way.

3 Online or in print. Dude’s sell­ing books!

4 I rec­og­nize that “Mr. Sand­man” is a cutesy nick­name (face­tiously cutesy?), but I think I will keep it where it is.

5 Cutesy cap­i­tal­iza­tion, now! I might write more like a normal person next time.


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  1. macsnafu says:

    Okay, I read Gun­nerkrigg Court. Pretty good, but it reminds me of Harry Potter, what with it being a board­ing school, and the teach­ers having spe­cial powers. But with less magic. But come on! Mino­taurs, drag­ons, elves, and who knows what else? Oh, and a healthy dose of sci­ence (robots and anti-​grav devices).

  2. I’ve been read­ing GC for a bit longer than Chronil­log­i­cal, and I think it’s awe­some too.

    I didn’t know Neil Gaiman liked it though. That’s awe­some.

  3. Kumaneko says:

    Wohoo! Kat for real this time.