Bright Ideas, Part 1

What is the one source of energy that will never run out?



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  1. PlantPerson says:

    John Barnes has a good story about “brain power” as a source of energy. It’s called “Why the Stars Are Always So Bright from Cousin Sid’s Farm.” (Col­lected in _Apos­tro­phes and Apoc­a­lypses_.) It’s a very short, very funny little story. I highly rec­om­mend it, along with any of Barnes’s other work.

  2. macsnafu says:

    It might be dif­fi­cult to get a new bulb–I don’t think Radio Shack is open yet…

  3. Hey! You over there. says:

    Why is a Brain­power light bulb needed in a time machine that is pow­ered by a black hole? >.> “Just skim a little off the top and you’ve got enough roomba fuel to power mil­lions of them for 45 days.” They should have all the power they’ll ever need….

  4. Greg says:

    @Plant­Per­son: I’ll have to put that on my read­ing list! I am a fan of short sto­ries, so I’ll fast-​track it right to the top of the list.

    @Hey! You over there.: Good obser­va­tion! Per­haps it will be explained in “Bright Ideas, Part 2” 🙂

  5. Theplayer131 says:

    I remem­ber that cita­tion about the brain power in a trip to Florida. (In which of course we went to Disney World… ;))

    And how are they gonna find a bulb in this past/future open space? Are they stuck in the past-​future for­ever?

    Log-​in friday to find out! 😛

  6. Greg says:

    YES. I am so happy some­one caught the ref­er­ence! Awe­some!