I Can Sea It Now

Comic for April 10, 2009: I Can Sea It Now

Don’t you SEA? They’re in SEAt­tle! (Not really.)


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  1. macsnafu says:

    Hey, I was for­get­ting! Milo prob­a­bly still has that “black hole in a bottle”, which he said could be tapped for energy. Looks like they could use it now, so that their machines cold tell them some­thing a little more…specific.

  2. Theplayer131 says:

    Roy seems sur­pris­ingly calm… He was like ”Omg, it’s the bear-pocalypse” when Stan­leys tele­ported in their house. (And he burned ’em all)

    But of course, living in a house infested by plushies is way, WAY worse than living in the past/future, close to an unknown sea! 😛


    Also, I loved the ”Bless your intel­lect, sir Smartyshorts” line!