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Hey, Look Over There!

Greg had been bug­ging me to read up on Tom Siddell’s Gun­nerkrigg Court for some time before I finally decided to sit down and dip into a chap­ter or two. Fel­lows, I am decid­edly better for having dipped and sub­se­quently immersed, though to what degree I am better for having done so I’m not going […]


Bright Ideas, Part 2

Bright Ideas, Part 1

Did you know that, in addi­tion to threes, good things also come in unstop­pable sham­bling hordes? For some reason people always leave out that part of the saying. But it’s true! It’s wholly and unremit­tingly true. I’m pretty sure every­one thinks they would be a com­plete badass in the case of a zombie upris­ing. I […]