Reach For The Bear

Comic for March 20, 2009: Reach For The Bear


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  1. Nick says:

    OH NO

  2. dartigen says:

    Oh dear…

    (as C-3PO would say. Man, now I wish we had audio com­ments! It just sounds so much better when C-3PO says it…)

  3. Lupo says:

    I really like the “Oh no!” mes­sage on the screen. I work in IT sup­port, and trust me when I say I’d like to rewrite most of the error mes­sages com­put­ers give back to users.
    Think the most used would be:”What the heck did you do, MORON!?”

    …where Milo took all these bears? He col­lected the ones that came from the future (in the past) or it’s a brand new load?

  4. Lupo says:

    …’cos’ I remem­ber Roy burn­ing a huge bunch of them…

  5. macsnafu says:

    Com­puter show­ing signs of sen­tience? A.I., Hai!

  6. John says:

    Con­cern­ing the Stan­leys: Daniel pretty much has it! Milo has been col­lect­ing the bears as they’ve appeared.

  7. macsnafu says:

    I’m seeing an appar­ent para­dox–if the bears they have now are the ones that were sent to the past, you have a closed loop: They sent the bears back to them­selves so they could have them to send back to them­selves. But where did the bears orig­i­nally come from? They had to be made and accu­mu­lated some­where out­side the loop. And don’t forget that Roy already destroyed at least some of the bears, though obvi­ously not all of them.

  8. Greg says:

    I can’t promise a per­fectly paradox-​free res­o­lu­tion (this is a uni­verse where giant man­tises live in aban­doned hangars and minia­tur­ized uni­ver­sity offi­cials fly around with jet­packs, after all) but we are plan­ning to address some of those con­cerns. Stay tuned.

  9. Pomp says:


    At least it’s not a uni­verse where, accord­ing to the dean, elves piss the­o­rems and crip­pled kit­tens soar on the power of imagination…
    Because, trust me, soar­ing on imag­i­na­tion sucks…