Top o’ the week to you!

Not much to say for today, but I’d like to men­tion two things:

1) Next week­end is Web­comics Week­end! It promises to be a very excit­ing week­end.

As noted ear­lier, John and I plan to be in atten­dance. Indeed, bar­ring an act of god, it will be so. Our goal: to dis­cover the True Mean­ing of Web­comics. The jour­ney promises to be a remark­able one, fraught with harrow and peril and derring-​do. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Updates should be unaf­fected by the Week­end, as John and I are ded­i­cated to fin­ish­ing the cur­rent arc in an unin­ter­rupted fash­ion.

2) People seemed to respond pos­i­tively to my last post about stub­born­ness, so later this week I’ll try to pull together another item about seem­ingly para­dox­i­cal mat­ters.


Discussion ¬

  1. macsnafu says:

    1) You can’t tell us how it goes unless you sur­vive the expe­ri­ence. Maybe you should wear a ‘black box” to record every­thing in case you don’t make it.

    2) Aw, we’re just want­ing some­thing inter­est­ingly geeky to talk about!