It Slipped! Change It Back!

Comic for March 10, 2009: It Slipped! Change It Back!

Okay—now just don’t shout, “Nobody didn’t betray you, Milo did!” as you sail away.

I’m not saying that Roy is the son of Posei­don… but it’s prob­a­bly best not to take any risks.


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  1. danny zabbal says:

    “curse this foil­ing foamy phalanx” wow. haven’t heard beau­ti­ful dialog like that in a long time. lol.

  2. macsnafu says:

    Oh, the irony of Roy being the one to send the Stan­leys back! But I still don’t get why there were so many of them?

  3. macsnafu says:

    test­ing gra­vatar

  4. Greg says:

    @mac­snafu: Don’t worry, you haven’t missed any­thing. Just hold tight; all shall be explained.

  5. nobody says:

    Hey! I’m not betray­ing Any­body! Just ask him.

  6. Anybody says:

    It’s true–Nobody totally did NOT betray me.

  7. Lupo says:

    It’s awful how, as a reader of a comic about time­travel, I’m always out of time. I read (again) the page, and I decided to post a com­ment about “the insane pas­sion of clas­sic schol­ars for allitteration” shown by Roy.
    I open the com­ments, and the first one is about the same phrase.
    Ok, it’s what I’d say, but…

  8. Lupo says:

    The last line has to be:
    “Ok, it’s NOT what I’d say, but…”

  9. macsnafu says:

    I just love Roy’s facial expres­sion in panel 3 as he com­plains about “the insane circularity” of the logic. And, in a way, he’s right. In a 100% deter­min­is­tic uni­verse, noth­ing they do will change what’s happened/about to happen, but in that case, there’s no free will (Alas, poor Roy!). How­ever, even if it’s not 100% deter­min­is­tic, it’s unlikely that the uni­verse will allow a paradox/broken causal loop, and that their actions will change what hap­pened in the past, so all they’re really doing by trying to send Stan­ley back is pre­vent a change to the time­line, not a para­dox.

  10. Greg says:

    @ Nobody: I know what you’re up to! You ain’t foolin’ me!

    @ Any­body: I dunno… you might want to be care­ful about that guy. I’ve heard some nasty rumors.

    @ danny & Lupo: Thanks! John was the one who came up with that line. He’s a clas­sics major, so I guess this stuff just flows from him nat­u­rally.

    @ mac­snafu: It’s unlikely the that uni­verse would allow a para­dox, but it’s hard to know for sure. If it IS pos­si­ble, the con­se­quences might be dis­as­trous. I think Milo and Jen are just being cau­tious more than any­thing.

    It’s like what Doc Brown said in Back to the Future II: “[It] could create a time para­dox, the result of which could cause a chain reac­tion that would unravel the very fabric of the space-​time con­tin­uum and destroy the entire uni­verse! Granted, that’s worst-​case sce­nario. The destruc­tion might in fact be very local­ized, lim­ited to merely our own galaxy”

  11. Theplayer131 says:

    And it’s point­ing power was really too much for a man…

    I wonder if Godzilla or Super­man would have done the same mistake…

  12. John says:

    Well, Super­man is, in the end, still a man. Godzilla, though … Godzilla can handle any­thing!