Say, Mr. Sandman…

Comic for March 3, 2009: Say, Mr. Sand­man…

Oh god! Oh man! Oh god! Oh man!

Remem­ber when Dean Smal­l­en­statur men­tioned Dr. Malloc way back in this strip? Because I totally didn’t.

Seriously—if you remem­bered that, you have a really good memory.


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  1. macsnafu says:

    ooh, dark night­mare!

  2. Carlo says:

    And that’s why you check for memory leaks.

  3. macsnafu says:

    Also, who are those shad­owy fig­ures behind Pro­fes­sor Malloc? Other pro­fes­sors?

  4. Greg says:

    @mac­snafu: You got it. Specif­i­cally, they were involved with the time travel project at Micimek and were in the lab when it exploded. We’ve sorta let the issue of all the other folks who were work­ing on the project fall by the way­side, but rest assured we haven’t for­got­ten about them. (And as you can see, nei­ther has Jen.)

    @Carlo: I know! They’ll get you every time.

  5. Nick D says:

    That was a long wait for a new comic. I become a fan of this right when you messed up your arm (sleep­ing).

  6. David says:

    You know, that Pro­fes­sor Malloc looks sur­pris­ingly familiar…

  7. Greg says:

    @Nick D: Many apolo­gies for the wait. To ensure it won’t happen again, we’ve taken away John’s sleep­ing priv­i­leges until he can prove to us that he can safely nap with­out break­ing him­self.

    He’s cur­rently on his 284th can of Red Bull.

  8. John says:


    zoop zoop zoop zoop zoop zoop zoop


  9. macsnafu says:

    I keep coming back and look­ing at this stip again and again. There’s just some­thing fas­ci­nat­ing about it. I know it’s Jen’s dream, but Milo seems more focused and/or obliv­i­ous than usual.