Do you need more web­comics to read? Hon­estly, you prob­a­bly do. I’d be sur­prised if you didn’t.

I wish I wish that I could remem­ber where I heard about this one, but I can’t. All I can say is that you owe it to your­self to read Tiny Kitten Teeth, a new strip on the scene that will most likely blow your socks off—nay, oblit­er­ate them in a cyclone of fun and great­ness. (S … some­thing like that.) If I were more intel­li­gently versed in art his­tory, I could be all, “clear influ­ences this and inno­va­tions that,” but really now. It’s a gor­geous chron­i­cling of an anthro­po­mor­phic cat living in Owltown—Owl­town, where there are copi­ous owls. Why aren’t you read­ing it yet?

Becky Dreis­tadt appears to be the artist half of this two-​person operation—the other person being Frank Gibson, for­merly the writer for Com­bustible Orange as well as other projects with which I am less famil­iar. I really only wanted to make sure that you check out Becky’s other work on DeviantArt, pro­vided that you are not aller­gic to DeviantArt, as some people claim to be.

The gems just keep coming! Can’t wait to see where Frank and Becky take this one. And nei­ther can you.

Link: [Tiny Kitten Teeth]


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  1. macsnafu says:

    Truly, this is the Golden Age of Online Comics! If you can’t find one hun­dred comic strips as fast as you can search for them, then you aren’t trying. And by now there must be thou­sands of them out there.

  2. Elithrion says:

    With the addi­tion of Chronil­log­i­cal I now reg­u­larly check on 39 comics with another 47 in the “check irregularly/get around to read­ing some time” cat­e­gory. As much as I’d like to say this means I don’t need any more, Tiny Kitten Teeth will be join­ing one of the two momentarily…
    (also, totally came both here and there cour­tesy of Mr. Bolt, if you’re curi­ous)

  3. John says: