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Good Work Indeed

The call came late in the after­noon. I soaked in the sun’s warm­ing rays and their glow­ing warm­ing glow, lazing in my ham­mock on the porch. My cell’s tit­ter­ing chirps almost went unno­ticed. “John! Are you there? Oh my good­ness, John, if you’re—” Some gar­bling static cut his pleas, but the voice sounded famil­iar. “Greg?” […]


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Quite A View

Although my pre­vi­ous post went through all the dry facts of our Web­comics Week­end expe­ri­ence—what we did, who we saw, where we wan­dered—I’d like to take a moment to make a quick per­sonal reflec­tion regard­ing the week­end. If you’d rather not wit­ness my some­what grace­less thought-​dump, feel free to skip this post. It is the […]


NEWW: Etiquette And Protocol