… Hammer Time

Comic for Feb­ru­ary 17, 2009: … Hammer Time

For the non-​techies in the audi­ence: a “core dump” is basi­cally a computer’s way of barf­ing all over you when a pro­gram crashes. It’s not fun times.


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  1. Sara B. says:

    Yeah… that’s pretty much how I spent last week.

  2. Sara B. says:

    Also… does it say “SYNTAX PAR­AL­LAX SNORLAX”?

  3. Greg says:

    Yes. Yes it does.

  4. Orceiacum says:

    Fan­tas­tic. “I’ll take a dump ON your core!”

  5. dartigen says:

    Ahh, I remem­ber days like this with my first computer…for the record, it was a black and white Mac­in­tosh and it was bought in 1990 (I didn’t get to play with it until 1992).

  6. Colin says:

    Her binary code is giving me flash­backs of trans­lat­ing assem­bly code to hex for the 8051 micro­con­troller. No. No, I don’t want to deal with dat­a­point­ers every other line. Johnny, don’t push that byte onto the stack. Johnny? Johnny! JOHNNNYYYYYYY!!

  7. Milligan says:

    Absolutely accu­rate – there’s always some bozo look­ing over you shoul­der and asking “will it be ready to ship tomorrow”? Is it done yet? How about now? Now?

  8. Mikey says:


  9. eugene says:

    look at the sleeve of the girl in the second frame, and com­pare it to all the other frames 😀

  10. viulian says:

    If I remem­ber well since those good ol’ days:

    gdb a.out core

  11. John says:

    @ eugene: Oh dang! I com­pletely missed that!

  12. climbz says:

    Dis­re­gard­ing the absence of pro­fan­ity, this is pre­cisely how I speak to inan­i­mate objects.

  13. Error, error. Com­puter face! LOL, nice comic.

  14. Polly Prissypants says:

    @Eugene – the sleeve could have simply been rolled up, as it is the colour of the under­gar­ment.

  15. PsiPhi says:

    I left my heart in syntax error

  16. A deref­er­enced pointer would cast a warn­ing, not error; no bug, move on.
    “Since when is a warn­ing a bug? It com­piles, ship it!!”

  17. yash says:

    ah… “core dump” is fol­lowed by a memory flush and discharge…

  18. lol says:

    I don’t know what lan­guage you code in, but in c++, deref­er­enc­ing a null pointer is nei­ther a com­piler warn­ing or error, it is a run-​time error result­ing in a crash.

  19. ormaybenot says:

    “A deref­er­enced pointer would cast a warn­ing, not error; no bug, move on.”

    Listen to this guy, he knows what he’s talk­ing about!

  20. GeoffK says:

    that makes my skin crawl….. to close to the truth for sure.

  21. Trakk says:

    About the sleeve in the 2nd frame being different… she was cold in that frame. those rooms are cold. I get cold in those rooms. She must have been cold… in THAT frame.

  22. Business101 says:

    That’s not really funny/a comic because that’s just show­ing exactly what hap­pens and what people do in a shitty sit­u­a­tion.

  23. Antiaverage says:

    If you don’t think shitty sit­u­a­tions are humor­ous in ret­ro­spect, you’re out of touch with real­ity.

  24. dino says:

    new project mgt style WIISIO
    this is when every­thing from man­age­ment in end analy­sis could be described more simply as Wack It In Switch It On.
    If it will run past my KPI date who gives a….