Have you heard the news? Have you heard it?

There is a week­end coming up, and it is a week­end of web­comics. A “web­comics week­end”, if you will. The idea is a simple one: lots of people who are good at webcomics—reading them, writ­ing them, draw­ing them, etc.—plan to con­vene in west­ern Mass­a­chu­setts from March 20-22. The place is west­ern Mass­a­chu­setts because it’s the home of Dum­b­rella, Topa­toCo, and Octo­pus Pie, the folks who are gra­ciously host­ing this little fes­ti­val.

John and I are par­tic­u­larly excited about this event because it is sched­uled on the for­tu­itous inter­sec­tion of our spring breaks. I’d peg the prob­a­bil­ity of us both being there at around 75%. Not bad!

If any read­ers plan on attend­ing, let us know and we can plan to meet up. It will be a party. A comics party!

P.S.: At the moment, we don’t have a good way of get­ting from Boston to East­hamp­ton. If you’re a Bostoner plan­ning to attend and wouldn’t be against help­ing out a pair o’ peri­patetic web­car­toon­ists, please let us know. We would be for­ever in your debt, and would gladly help pay our way in terms of gas fare and other expenses. Also, I can’t promise I won’t bring deli­cious snacks.


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  1. Martin says:

    i can’t com­pre­hend it!
    sorry but i’m just too drunk!
    i’ve posted com­ments before but they’ve been sober.
    oh don’t deny it. you guys love drunk com­ments 😛
    anyway. keep up the good shit. it’s better than every comic out there because it has sci­ence and an actual plot!
    and you know that’s true cos it’s coming from a drunk eng­lish!

  2. astrocom says:

    Alas! Alack! I travel out of Worces­ter, and am unsure as to how I shall arrive in East­hamp­ton. Oth­er­wise I would most assuredly offer my aid! Per­haps if this event occurs next year, I may have a vehi­cle capa­ble of car­ry­ing myself and others such a dis­tance.

  3. Greg says:

    @Martin: We love com­ments of all kinds, drunk ones included! 🙂

    @astro­com: Alas and alack indeed! Well, we still very much appre­ci­ate the sen­ti­ment.