Just a heads-​up: we’ve added a Project Won­der­ful ad box to our side­bar as a way of help­ing to sub­si­dize our Project Won­der­ful ad cam­paigns. If Google Ana­lyt­ics speaks the truth, then these ad cam­paigns were how more many of our cur­rent read­ers found Chronil­log­i­cal in the first place! Indeed, the great cycle of adver­tis­ing spi­rals on.

It’s not a par­tic­u­larly big ad box, nor is it in an insis­tently bla­tant spot, so we hope you don’t mind ter­ri­bly. And I can assure you that this is not the first step in our Master Plan to clog the site up with moun­tains of ads.

If you’re still cha­grined by the whole idea, think of it this way: now you can say that you read Chronil­log­i­cal back before we sold out! Think about how hip and indie that will make you. The answer is: extremely hip and indie.

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  1. PlantPerson says:

    I tried that once, but it didn’t make any money to speak of, so I decided to post­pone sell­ing out until there was some profit to be made by it. I hope yours works.

  2. Greg says:

    Yeah, I sus­pect we will not become so wealthy from this. But a penny a day keeps the doctor away, so I figure “why not?”

    As an aside, I feel com­pelled to men­tion that “why not?” has been the logic under­ly­ing some of my most impor­tant life deci­sions. I sus­pect that when I die, Insight will reveal to my ghost the secret mean­ing of my life: to serve as an instruc­tional tale to others, demon­strat­ing the dan­gers of being inad­e­quately engaged in one’s own exis­tence. We shall see how it goes.

  3. Brad says:

    I didn’t know what you were talk­ing about until I turned Adblock Plus off.


  4. brandon says:

    Yeah basi­cally you are look­ing at like four pizzas a year there. That is if you add more ads. Right now, you’re get­ting one pizza. Pizza is deli­cious though.

  5. Sellout(s). You might con­sider includ­ing more many ads.

  6. John says:

    @ Brad: 🙁

    @ bran­don: Noth­ing wrong with pizza! (Have I men­tioned that I love Nobody Scores! to the max? It is a True Fact.)

    @ Joe: I think we should have … five sky­scraper ads. Instead of the logo.

  7. Greg says:

    Agreed, pizza is freak­ing fan­tas­tic. It is decided: John and I will have a yearly pizza party in cel­e­bra­tion of our cor­po­rate over­lords.

    You are all invited, of course. Although we may run out of pizza sort of quickly if every­one in this thread stops by.