Comic for Feb­ru­ary 6, 2009: Thopp

Roy could resolve this issue in a heart­beat if he’d just break the jinx. Of course, if Milo had made it a per­sonal jinx, it’d be a com­pletely dif­fer­ent story. I’m sur­prised he was so care­less!

(The com­ments below refer to dia­logue that has since been changed. You are warned!)


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  1. Drealien says:

    I don’t quite remem­ber the full rules of jinx/personal jinx. Milo said Jen’s name in panel 4. Shouldn’t that have cleared the jinx? Or does he need to say it 2 more times?

  2. Cliff says:

    i agree with the rap­ping black man from outer space!

  3. Greg says:

    That is an excel­lent point, and one we did not con­sider. I grew up play­ing such that you must to say the name three times, but I think both vari­ants of the game are in common prac­tice.

    So I guess there are a two inter­pre­ta­tions for what’s going on:

    1) Both Jen and Milo play with the three-​times rule, and Jen inad­ver­tently vio­lated the jinx because Milo goaded her to talk. (Or per­haps she just thinks the jinx game is dumb and child­ish.)

    2) Jen plays with the one-​time rule, but Milo plays with the three-​times rule—in which case the whole event is just a ter­ri­ble mix-​up. In this view, Jen’s retal­ia­tory out­burst is a protest against having been unjustly pun­ished for break­ing a jinx that in her mind she had already been freed from.

    Fur­ther­more, accord­ing to Wikipedia, there are fur­ther vari­ants of the game that could be a source of con­fu­sion: for exam­ple, it seems as though some folks don’t count nick­names towards break­ing the jinx. Per­haps Milo thinks Jen remains unfreed because he did not call her “Jenelle”?

    Clearly the issue is com­pli­cated. We may adjust the strip so that Milo doesn’t say Jen’s name at all, just to avoid con­fu­sion amongst future read­ers. Then again, per­haps the present dis­cus­sion is suf­fi­cient clar­i­fi­ca­tion. I’ll see what John has to say about it.

  4. John says:

    What I have to say about this is that Greg’s answer is hilar­i­ously com­pre­hen­sive. I’ll change the dia­logue so that a legal brief isn’t required to address the con­fu­sion.

  5. Zil Samo says:

    Much appre­ci­ated. I used to play that game when I was a kid. I got hit so many times, I prob­a­bly have some sort of per­ma­nent bruise or something… (not really)

  6. Sara B. says:

    When I was little, the first person to real­ize the jinx, and then get through saying “jinxonetwothreefourfivesixseveneightninetenBUYMEACOKE!” was then owed a coke (one can) by the loser.

  7. Sara B. says:

    Oh, and if they fin­ished at the exact same time, double-​jinx was called. I can’t remem­ber what hap­pened then.