Comic for Decem­ber 19, 2008: Wonk

But Jen and Maya, if you don’t start prac­tic­ing soon you’ll never be pre­pared for TUBACHRIST­MAS!


Discussion (3) ¬

  1. Zil Samo says:

    Heh… They are just plain evil.

  2. macsnafu says:

    I thought Roy’s ‘compound’ was big enough that they could’ve found another build­ing to prac­tice in…

  3. Greg says:

    Unfor­tu­nately, most of the unin­hab­ited por­tions of the com­pound are pretty rick­ety and creepy. Every­one tends to stay away if they can. But it’s a good point! We’ll def­i­nitely have to explore the rest of the com­pound at some point.