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Woah, Nelly

Adjective Holiday-Name

Although TUBACHRIST­MAS is a very real event, we have taken some cre­ative lib­er­ties with its ori­gins in the Chronil­log­i­cal uni­verse. Whereas we have TUBACHRIST­MAS orig­i­nat­ing from John Philip Sousa’s crazed fever dream, the real-​world story is slightly more mun­dane. From the offi­cial TUBACHRIST­MAS web­site: TUBACHRIST­MAS was con­ceived in 1974 as a trib­ute to the late […]


WELL, Milo…

First thing: apolo­gies for not writ­ing some­thing more sub­stan­tial last week. In order to make it up to you (at least a little bit) I’ll break­ing this post into two parts. I’m also doing this because part of what I want to say is going to per­tain to tomorrow’s comic. Yes, as you may have […]