Supra-Canon Theatre

Comic for Novem­ber 28, 2008: Supra-​Canon The­atre

Supra-​Canon The­atre: it’s like it’s canon, but it isn’t!


Supra-​Canon The­atre: no, we’re not talk­ing about con­tra­pun­tal com­po­si­tions!


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  1. Hey! You over there. says:

    HaHaHa I love the 2ed panel.
    “I can fix that.”
    “With Science!”

    I was on the floor laugh­ing. Just got to say this is one of the best web­comics I’ve read in a long time. ^_^

  2. Greg says:

    John and I are flat­tered to hear that! Thanks 🙂

  3. Julius says:

    Hey yeah, you guys are wicked funny. Keep up the good work. I found you linked from par​tial​ly​

  4. John says:

    Thanks for 1) the kind words and 2) stop­ping by, Julius. We intend to do just that!

  5. Orceiacum says:

    Hmm. A possibly-​radioactive mech­a­nized gigan­tic death turkey, eh?

    OBVI­OUSLY the ray gun was out of gravy.

  6. five01st says:

    Wickedly hilar­i­ous comic. In Amer­ica you eat turkey… in Milo’s Lab, turkey eat YOU!