Break It Down, Dr. Stanley

Comic for Novem­ber 7, 2008: Break It Down, Dr. Stan­ley

Dr. Stan­ley Frank’s Fan­tas­tic Neutrinos™: Don’t Leave Your Time Con­tin­uum With­out Them!


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  1. I think I see where this is… was… going. I don’t under­stand why Milo’s ears are so much cra­zier than they used to be?

  2. John says:

    It is going to THE FUTURE. Or the past. Or … both.

    Also, regard­ing the ears: because they are Funner To Draw, for the most part.

  3. Colin Cross says:

    They should prob­a­bly test Stanley’s iner­tial damp­en­ers for increased tachyon emis­sions.

  4. John says:

    True—he might ini­ti­ate a causal feed­back loop in the plasma induc­ers before we can reverse the polar­ity of the Heisen­berg com­pen­sators.

  5. Eleanor says:

    I see your go-​to phrase of “poop in your soup” from Real Life has entered your Comic Life. I whole­heart­edly approve.

  6. Pomp says:

    Ahh! I see now what the ‘Temporal-Ectoplasm’, or what­ever it was, came from…?
    Deco­here into goo?
    All the lab’s occu­pants were either trans­ported in time or reduced to a adhe­sive slime?
    Does this mean we’ve seen the last of Prof. Malloc, or am I look­ing into this too much…?

  7. Greg says:

    I will say only this: I sus­pect we have not seen the last of Pro­fes­sor Malloc.