It’s Funny, I’m Laughin’

Comic for Octo­ber 31, 2008: It’s Funny, I’m Laughin’

If you’re won­der­ing why Jen isn’t con­gested any­more, it’s because she took some NyQuil that night to help her sleep. She’s actu­ally feel­ing a whole lot better, thanks for asking!

I said thanks for asking.


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  1. You have crazy light­ing sources! I like the panels with shad­ows more than the others. It adds a lot of depth and tex­ture (in the case of the Stan­leys).

  2. aia/apa outreach says:


  3. Greg says:

    I promise you there will be more clas­sics even­tu­ally! But we sort of need Roy for that, and Roy is busy sleep­ing at the moment.

  4. Eleanor says:

    I basi­cally made the same face Jen is making in that last panel AS I WAS READ­ING THE LAST PANEL. META WHAT

  5. macsnafu says:

    But, but…I didn’t ask!

  6. Greg says:

    We said:


    for asking


  7. Zil Samo says:

    So… how’s Jen doing?
    (hey, if they can time-​travel in our uni­verse, why can’t I do the same in theirs?)

  8. Greg says:

    Re: why can’t you time-​travel in their uni­verse—
    Well, if you have a time machine, I don’t see why not!

    Re: them time-​travelling in our uni­verse—
    They can?

    Re: how Jen is doing—
    When it comes to time travel, you should be care­ful with your tenses. I think the appro­pri­ate way to ask your ques­tion—accord­ing to Dr. Street­men­tioner—is “how-now was Jen having-​been doen-be?”

    That said, I think she’s okay.