It’s The Anachronistic Hoplite Happy Hour

Comic for Octo­ber 10, 2008: It’s The Anachro­nis­tic Hoplite Happy Hour

A bit “raw,” cer­tainly, but what else can you do in the face of tragedy? Maybe we can pawn this off as an excit­ing look into the cre­ative process! Yeah, let’s do that! I’m going ahead with that plan.

How often does Roy indulge in an AHHH? The answer may sur­prise you.


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  1. This is very sim­i­lar to time travel. Is it… fore­shad­ow­ing?


  2. L Taylor says:

    I love the art­work in this comic… I’m gonna have to go back and read a few things to get up to speed with stuff. Great work :)


  3. Greg says:

    Thanks for check­ing out the comic! We’re glad to hear you like it :-)


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