As you might have noticed, a few weeks ago we reached one of our first big mile­stones: we fin­ished ourt­first story-​arc!

Well, I’m excited to report to you that just today we’ve reached yet another big mile­stone: tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties! (Actu­ally, I’m not so much excited as I am per­turbed and frus­trated. But you get the idea.) Yes, accord­ing to Mr. John Chouinard him­self, his spankin’ new Mac is cur­rently refus­ing to boot up.

I’m a little unclear on the specifics of the sit­u­a­tion, so maybe John will chime in with his own words. At the moment, though, it looks like we’ll have to miss tomorrow’s update. Depend­ing on how quickly this gets resolved, you might also be seeing a filler strip or two coming up. Hope­fully it won’t be too big of a prob­lem! We’ll keep you posted.

John adds: Greg speaks the truth! I don’t think the prob­lem is ultra-​serious, and I still have a few tricks to try before giving up all hope. (Anyone here know Kenobi’s holo-​extension?) What’s cer­tain for now is that Friday’s strip will be unfinished—pencils only, lads! (Chronil­log­i­cal: Unplugged! Except not at all as sat­is­fy­ing.) What I do not know is how far this prob­lem will spill into the week­end slash week slash month slash Slash. So hope­fully this’ll blow over soon, but if not—well, we’ll be sure to say so, at least!


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