Have Troubles, Will Escape (From The Troubles)

Comic for Octo­ber 3, 2008: Have Trou­bles, Will Escape (From The Trou­bles)

Owl’s Rock is the Upper Midwest’s number one get­away for physics grad stu­dents whose apart­ments have been destroyed.


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  1. Did she cross into a dif­fer­ent time zone to travel through time? If not: please pro­vide more time travel.

  2. Colin Cross says:

    As a pos­si­ble future physics grad stu­dent, I will be sure to remem­ber this.

  3. Janelle says:

    Gasp! I’ve made it through all the archived work! Great job, John. And, um…sorry Greg. I’m sure you’re awe­some, too.

  4. Kib says:

    Gosh, 85mph at 2500rpm. That’s quite a pow­er­ful car she’s got there.

  5. Tony says:

    Kib – it’s all in the gear­ing.

  6. Speed Racer says:

    is this sup­posed to be nova scotia? i’m gonna pre­tend owl’s rock is actu­ally the bay of fundy. k deal!

  7. John says:

    @Speed Racer: I have to ask, do you drive real fast?

  8. Andrew Bolton says:

    I’ve just started read­ing from the begin­ning, work­ing through to the end… I don’t really ever com­ment on things, this is a great story though! I appre­ci­ate the desire for more time travel, as that drew me here to start with, but the char­ac­ters and set­ting is real great too. I really posted on this strip, though, because it just reminds me of Cannon Beach in Oregon a whole lot. Anyway, great work guys!