Comic for August 29, 2008: “Bric-A-BRAC”

Speak­ing of stran­gling lep­rechauns, are you famil­iar with the clurichaun? Accord­ing to the Wikipedia, they are like lep­rechauns, except they stay up late and are surly and drunk all the time. Which is fan­tas­tic.


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  1. Zil Samo says:

    I’d like to live on an aban­doned air­field. You know, just for kicks.

    Me: So, how ’bout you come over to my place?
    Other Person: Sounds cool. Where do you live?
    Me: You know that aban­doned air­field?
    Other Person: Yeah…
    Me: There.
    Other Person: O_O;;